EE Journal

First Meeting with My Supervisor

After the first meeting with my supervisor, we made some last changes in my research question, so my final question is:

To what extent do the themes differ from each other  in two siblings’ novels, Charlotte and Emily Bronte, in Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights?

After the meeting, I was also informed about several things:
  1. ESSAY OUTLINE is very important and should be known.
  2. EXTENDED ESSAY CRITERIA is also another very important resource that I will need to use as I will get points based on that criteria.
  3. Subtitles should be thought through thoroughly.
  4. What we do in the extended essay is completely different from summarizing. Giving a summary of the book is not what is wanted.
  5. PEE technique (point-evidence-explain)   —>>>> It shouldn’t be narrative, always go back to your research question and refer to it.
    1. What’s your point?
    2. What’s your evidence? (Quotation from the book)
    3. Explain (How does this quotation help you?)

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