“Love” in Wuthering Heights

Romantic Love

  • It is destructive. It hurts everyone and in the end, no couple stays together.
  • Heathcliff’s love –> obsession
  • Cathy –> Her selfishness doesn’t let her be with the one she truly loves and instead, she chooses the one that will make her financially stable.
  • Isabella loves Heathcliff but Heathcliff uses her for revenge. This results in an abusive relationship that hurts Isabella.


Family Love

  • Because of the conditions of the era, families do not express their love for each other. Family is just a group of people living in the same house.
  • Heathcliff, as an orphan, lacks the family love a child needs.
  • Hindley is jealous of Heathcliff when their father brings him to the house, because he feels as though his father has replaced him now.


Source: Kimber, Gerri. “Love in Wuthering Heights.” McClinton-Temple, Jennifer ed. Encyclopedia of Themes in Literature. New York: Infobase Publishing, 2011. Bloom’s Literature.


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